In House Competencies for Uncompromised Workmanship & Prompt Deliveries

At Deltafield, we believe in handling the core engineering services in-house. Our shop floor is equipped with the latest welding and grinding equipment, as well as machines to handle drilling, cutting, milling and lathing operations. Our hoisting equipment and large tonnage cranes can undertake payloads of up to 3 tonnes. We also have a polyvalent electrical transformer (660V, 3ph, 50Hz @ 100A) and a test bay with an appreciable throughput of up to 100 m3 per hour.

Our in-house technicians perform mandatory wet-tests on all equipment before they are delivered to the client. Our personnel are qualified in the maintenance and repair of sub-components such as pumps and blowers and competent in the handling and fabrication of products made from steel and stainless steel material.

That’s why we’re always prompt with our delivery schedules and are proud to offer all our clients the Deltafield hallmark of quality assurance.