Changi WRP Site Sewage Treatment Plant

Deltafield brought multiple-expertise to the Changi WRP Site Sewage Treatment project including design, building, operation and maintenance. Managed by the Public Utilities Board of Singapore, Changi WRP is one of the largest water reclamation facilities in the world.

Deltafield was contracted to build a biological sewage treatment plant based on SBR technology to serve the construction projects & living quarters within the vicinity. The capacity of the treatment plant is a sizeable 7500pe. The project was completed in 2002.

The Changi WRP Site Sewage Treatment project exemplifies Deltafield’s project management competency as a one-stop supplier and full-scale systems integrator for complex wastewater treatment facilities. We also represent all the equipment fitted inside the plant and these include: ABS Submersible Pumps, MONO Disintegrators, ABS Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers, MONO PC pumps, etc.