The Delta Automatic Slurry (DAS) system produces bentonite slurries with consistencies of up to 5%. Designed for the pulp and paper industry, this fully automatic system delivers reliable performance and efficient flow-through rates of up to 200 litres per minute.

A programmable logic controller manages the amount of bentonite and water supplied into the contact chamber, where the slurry is homogenized by a shearing mixer and kept in a suspension by solution mixer in the mixing tank before the final product is transported over to the storage tank via an overflow weir.

The control panel comes complete with additional control components which allow external storage tank, transfer pump and booster pump to be connected when required.

Built-in monitoring is available for external storage tanks, where applicable.
Design and capacities may be customised to user requirements.
Optional accessories: Bentonite dosing pump skid
Big bag hopper adaptor
Big bag lifting frame
Typical Applications: Water and Waste Water Treatment
Chemical Industries
Pulp and Paper Industries
Mining and Dewatering