The pump skid comprises central manifold supported by two centrifugal pumps that are capable of supplying 30 GPM @ 100 PSIG (115 LPM @ 7 bar) each to the manifold. The pumps are mounted on 5 HP (4 kW) motors that operate on 380 to 440 volts. Motor speeds are manually controlled by variable frequency drives, while particol flows are measured by magnetic flow meters and controlled using automatic valves. By switching the discharge hose, particol flows can also be manually diverted via gate valves that bypass the automatic valves.

The flow range of the pump skid is determined by the size of the control valves, magnetic flow meters and the speed of the pumps. In both manual and auto modes, the start/stop function for dosing operations is determined by pressure levels in the manifold. If the pressure in the manifold drops below 37 PSIG, a standby pump takes over after 5 seconds. Should this fail to elevate pressure levels to the required standard, the system shuts down automatically and triggers an alarm.

Size:Generator: 1.4m x 1.4m x 1.4m

Power: 380/440

Dilution water: 43 ~ 430l/min     

Air supply: 6 bar