The Deltajet starch cooker is designed to process a range of wet end, coating and surface-sizing starches used in the pulp and paper industry.  Incorporated with a programmable logic controller-based system that overcomes errors due to manual calculations and frequent adjustments, the Deltajet system cooks, mixes and dilutes starch slurries to precise levels of concentration.

It is built with an automatic start-stop function attuned to preset levels of the storage tank, and features a self-cleaning filter that helps to improve the quality of downstream paper products.  Built to integrate seamlessly with a standard distributed control system (DCS), the Deltajet can also be used for other applications that require cooked starch.


3 available models to cater to various capacities:

Deltajet 4K (4,000 litres per hour)

Deltajet 7K (7,000 litres per hour)

Deltajet 10K (10, 000 litres per hour)

Optional Accessories:

Bulk hopper with screw conveyor

Dosing pump skid

Deltajet 10K Starch Cooker
Deltajet 10K Starch Cooker
Deltajet Retailing Coil Assembly