Deltafield’s Delta-DP dry powder polymer make-up system is a self-contain batch operation unit that are designed to prepare and activate any types of dry powder polymer into a liquid polymer solution of constant consistency concentration.

The system comprises of a powder hopper, blower and venturi conveying system, wetting head, mixing tank and the control panel mounted on a common skid frame.

Equipped with a volumetric screw feeder, the Delta-DP transport the dry powder polymer from 25kg or super sack to the wetting head via the blower and venturi system. This ensure that the dry powder polymer is pre-wetted into the mixing tank which eliminates the formation of lumps and fish eyes and greatly reduces the risk of clogging.

With Deltafield’s Plug & Play Philosophy, the system requires minimal set up. The operator just needs to connect water, power source and load polymer powder into the hopper and the system is ready to make-up the first batch of liquid polymer solution to the required concentration and ready to be dosed. In the mixing tank, the polymer solution is continuously activated by the low-speed low-shear agitator. Once the polymer is properly mixed and homogenised, the polymer solution is transferred to the storage tank by the low-shear progressive cavity pump. Once the polymer solution is fully transferred to the storage tank, a new batch will make-up and standby to be transferred when the storage tank level is able to accommodate. This automated system comes with an intuitive interface comprising a set of level probes, automated timers and programmable logic controller.

Mixing Tank Capacity:Ranges between 500 – 30,000 litres
Hopper Capacity:Ranges between 100 – 250 kg
Designs available:

Mixing tank only
Mixing tank incorporated with Storage tank

Optional accessories:Polymer dosing pump skid
Big bag lifting frame
External powder hopper
External storage tank
Typical Applications:Water & Waste Water Treatment
Chemical Industries
Pulp & Paper Industries
Mining & Dewatering
Waste to Energy
Design and capacities may be customised to user’s requirements upon request.